Episode 10 – Kool Aid Man Have Your Badge Podcast

Today on the show we talk about creative breaking and entering methods as well as the importance of property damage releases. I struggle my way through a cold and keeping coughing to a minimum in this episode so please bear with me. 

In this show we talk about the concept of going out and hunting for drugs and the people that carry them. In the world of drug interdiction and searches for illegal articles the king of Law Enforcement practice is getting consent to search. There is a variety of legal reasons for why consent is a great option for Law Enforcement but the number one reason in my mind is, “it can’t hurt.” In quotations there is what my trainer told me when I asked how to go about looking for drugs in vehicles and being a more effective street officer. Not only does asking for consent have almost zero opportunity cost for the officer but it is also solid in regards to case law and the admissibility of the evidence found.

In order to conduct a consent search the person or owner of the property must voluntarily waive their fourth amendment right against unreasonable searches. It varies from state to state on specific conditions that must be met but in general a question that clearly states the intention to search the item, vehicle or person in question and an affirmative answer is all that is required. Consent can be revoked at any time by the owner but any evidence found during the search prior to revoked consent is admissible.

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