Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Trailer and Title Reveal

Star Wars Celebration is taking place in Chicago this weekend, which means plenty of news will be dropping. Given the fact that it is the greatest movie franchise in the galaxy, I’ll be here to bring you all of the important stuff. First off we have the first trailer for the conclusion of the sequel trilogy and the end of the Skywalker saga. I’ll let you feast your eyes on it yourself and then give you my thoughts below.


Being just a teaser, we didn’t get a whole lot from that trailer. However, there are a whole lot of cool shots and what looks like some new locations. Plus, I’m very curious about the Emperor’s laugh coming in at the end, seemingly hinting at his return, which had been speculated. You can consider me very intrigued, not only but the teaser, but also the title, revealed to be “The Rise of Skywalker”. I don’t love the flow of it, but I am curious about all the possibilities for what it could mean. Leave a comment about what you think of the teaser and the title below.

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