Enter the Gungeon – A Farewell to Arms

For a long time I have been debating how to kick off my illustrious career in writing video game articles. First person shooter? MOBA? Battle Royale? Obviously something with a huge draw that everyone will be interested in, of course. Then I ran into a game I have had my eye on for years at a large discount.

Enter the Gungeon has been continuously updated and tweaked since release April 5th, 2016. Made by the appropriately named “Dodge Roll” developer this top down “rogue-like” shooter is built around the use of the dodge button. Recently updated with a substantial finishing free add on to the game called “A Farewell to Arms” Enter the Gungeon has stolen almost every free waking moment of my life since I purchased it.

I cut my teeth on difficult (if not downright frustrating games) as a young kid, I’m looking at you Punch Out. Enter the Gungeon scratches the itch of a difficult game that rewards your time in a way not seen anymore. Hidden characters, secret levels, bosses and, true to the name guns to unlock; all free of any paid DLC.

So far I have battled my way through almost all of the extra levels and bosses and have cleared the game in full twice since I bought it April 5th 2019. I still have several characters and around 100 guns and items left to unlock. I’m addicted. The amount of adjectives used to describe such a fun and unique game can grow quite long, the common phrase is “rogue-like bullet hell top down shooter.” While a mouthful it at least describes the basic mechanics of the game adequately. In the game you work your way through progressive levels of the Gungeon trying to accumulate the items you need to clear the bosses of each floor which get extremely difficult. At start you have four base characters each with their own unique load out. Mowing down cute bullets wielding AK’s and Colt 45’s is fun. Mowing them down with a Light gun which shoots “duck hunt” ducks at the end of every mag makes it even better. There are multiple challenge modes and variants built in to add even more value to the package. A Farewell to Arms added two new characters to be unlocked, a new game mode and more guns in a fitting end to the development cycle for this fan favorite game.

In short I love this game. It has a unique personality and ticks the box for me of almost infinite replayability for a low price. At $15.00 on most major platforms I can’t recommend this game enough.


(Small note. I did not get paid for this article. If I am ever paid to promote content, a big if, I will disclose it to you in this general area of my article. Thank you for reading.)

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