Have Your Badge Podcast – Episode 12 Canada Sheriff Service

In this episode I demonstrate how ignorant I am in regards to our lovely northern brethren’s justice system and get schooled on it. Let’s learn together. In a more serious form of the show we talk through all the ways in which I know nothing about the Canada Sheriff Service.

The ways in which various forms of criminal justice have evolved since the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 in London is something that isn’t thought of much. Along with all the other ways the Brit’s have marked the world I think the way they have shaped criminal justice across the planet with professional police forces dedicated to a code of honor is one of the best outcomes for society as a whole. The two most direct children of British law and policing are Canada and the U.S. In this episode I hope that some of the differences that have arisen after almost 200 years become clear and fascinate you as they did me.

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Maple syrup heist documentary we speak about on the show:

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