Have Your Badge Podcast – Episode 13 Highlights

Today for the podcast I decided to do something a little different. This show is a highlight episode of some of the best and most impactful clips I could remember over these last three months.

In the middle of the show I put together a small narrative dealing with police shootings. In these clips you get the unedited thoughts of officers put into extremely difficult situations and struggling against using lethal force. Over the course of producing this podcast this recurring narrative has struck me as one of the most compelling things. You can hear from every cop out there how much they wish this situation didn’t arise. Somehow officers are expected to go out and deal with the worst of humanity day after day without losing a piece of their humanity themselves. This situation gets forced upon them and what happens? Most of the time they do anything they can to avoid a lethal confrontation. I personally thought this was the best take away I could provide from an episode made up of short clips.

You can see the thought process of every officer back to back in the show. How they were presented with circumstances that are different each time and choose to try to resolve the situation without deadly force. I think while these stories are anecdotal they also range from many different departments across the country and shine a different light upon the people who protect and serve our communities every day.

Thank you for reading and listening to the podcast. I am working on getting a direct player working on the website and hopefully soon we should have it up and running. For now the links to the show are below.

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