The State of Apex Legends

Halfway through Season 1 of Apex Legends battle-pass is the perfect time for a review article right? Really hitting it out of the park with the content selection of these reviews.

Apex Legends is a game that captured the imagination and attention of almost every gamer that has heard the words “battle royale” when it surprise dropped February 4th 2019. Polished movement and shooting mechanics paired with a well thought out loot and communication system made it attractive as an alternative to the mil-sim PUBG or the cartoon style Fortnite.

Unfortunately several issues have come out in the months since the games release that have either killed interest for players or failed to attract new players. In the battle royale space content is king. Fortnite established the rotating store and battle-pass revenue models which are copied in Apex Legends. Apex Legends forgot what keeps players coming back, changes in game-play and to the map. Since release there has only been one new character release and one weapon release. With months between new content drops Apex runs the risk of losing the momentum they generated with their viral release.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apex Legends. I play it daily and so do most of my friends. I anticipate continuing to play it regardless of new content or not. Respawn entertainment initially made a name as the main team behind the smash hit Call of Duty Modern Warfare. They know how to make a shooter feel good and balanced and how to keep the skill gap inherent in a Battle Royale feeling fair. The balance patches since release have shifted the meta and kept things fairly fresh without destroying the intended power curve in weapons.

Now for the biggest issue killing interest for the hardcore fan and new player alike, lag. Hard to believe that lag feels more of a problem than ever when I grew up playing Quake on a 56k modem. Apex Legends has recently been roasted in public forums for the quality of their net-code and server stability playing major parts of the criticism. No matter how crisp the gun-play and movement, lag and bad servers will kill the feeling every time.

In general I will say this game has replaced almost every shooter out there in my library. Competitive shooters are my bread and butter and this one feels and looks fantastic in every way. I am hoping for updates to content and servers to truly push this game into the popularity stratosphere that is currently only occupied by Fortnite. In the interest of stealing the ratings system for this website, even with all its problems Apex Legends is a Golden Donut for me. It hits every competitive and mechanic area that makes a shooter fun for me and I look forward to playing it as it grows and changes.

Ratings from low to high: Felony, Misdemeanor, 10-4, Positive ROP, Golden Donut

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