Angel Has Fallen Trailer

Olympus Has Fallen is a really good action movie that serves as a callback to the action movie days of the ’80s and ’90s. Its sequel, London Has Fallen, got a little too complicated and is mostly forgettable. Did we need another one? Not at all. Are we getting one anyway? Apparently, as the first trailer for Angel Has Fallen was released today. Check it out below:


The best part of the first movie is it takes a simple premise and just has a lot of fun with it. The second movie’s biggest downfall is moving away from that simple premise. This one is leaping away from it and looks like it is pulling out every action movie cliche in the book. It definitely doesn’t look great, and might not be good at all, but I’m a sucker for these Gerard Butler action flicks and will probably see it regardless.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Angel Has Fallen hits theaters on August 23, 2019.