San Diego Comic-Con Day 1 Recap

It’s the best weekend of the year for movie fans as San Diego Comic-Con is upon us. That means we get tons of news and trailers, and we will be here to keep you posted on the big events from each day.


IT: Chapter 2

The first big trailer of the day comes in the form of your first bit of nightmare fuel. The second trailer for IT: Chapter 2 shows off its incredible cast and doubles down on the scares, yet still doesn’t give much away. Check it out:


Terminator: Dark Fate

The only real things to come out of this panel were a short featurette, confirmation of an R rating, and news that Edward Furlong would be reprising his role as John Connor. Given the fact that he is arguably the worst part of T2, and the fact that I thought he had been out of acting, I don’t know how exciting that news is. Here’s the short featurette, that is full of NSFW language:

Top Gun: Maverick

The best part of the Terminator panel was actually the fact that Tom Cruise came on stage at the end of it to debut our first look at the Top Gun sequel. And as much as I like that IT trailer, this is my favorite thing of day one:

I feel the need, the need, for speed. Give me this movie tomorrow. I’ve watched that trailer a dozen times. I love everything about it, from seeing Maverick return to the score and of course, the flying scenes. I can’t wait. In addition, we also got the official poster which you can see below:


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

The first movie wasn’t my thing and neither is this trailer, but if you’re a fan you might enjoy it. So here you go:


If the IT trailer wasn’t enough nightmare fuel, this will surely put you over the edge. This blend of human faces on humanoid cats featuring some of the greatest actors of our generation is probably the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Count me all the way out on this:


Let us know what you thought of the first day trailers and be sure to check back here each day for more updates!