Regal Unlimited: Is it worth it?

At the beginning of this month, Regal Theaters released their new subscription plan that should be the final nail in the coffin of the horribly mismanaged service, Moviepass. Despite all of the issues with Moviepass, it did start a trend that may just save the future of movie theaters. In its heyday, Moviepass offered you the ability to see as many movies as you want for the unreasonably low price of $9.99. This undoubtedly increased the number of people, including myself, going to see movies in theaters they normally wouldn’t have. I believe this was great for the industry as a whole but was obviously unsustainable at that price point.

After Moviepass fell by the wayside, AMC Theaters swept in and filled the void with their A-List Plan. However, with no AMC Theaters near me, myself and many others held out hope the Regal would join in on the subscription service bandwagon. Now that I have been using the service for nearly a month now, I figured I’d answer the question many have asked: Is it worth it?


Regal’s Unlimited Plan is all done through their app. If you already have the app for their Crown Club, it’s just another step to add Unlimited. The service has three different price points, which vary depending on where you live. The cheapest plan is $18 per month, which can be paid for a whole year up front or month to month. This allows you to see as many 2D movies as you want, with pretty much no limits, at the theaters in areas of the country with smaller populations. The next step is $21 per month, which expands the access to a lot more theaters (including all the ones near me), and then $23.50, which includes all Regal theaters, including those in the big cities. If you go to a theater not included with your plan, there’s a small surcharge. You can see which theaters are included in each plan here.

As I said, that includes unlimited 2D movies. If you want to see 3D, IMAX, or other specialty formats, there are surcharges that match the difference in ticket prices as there would be buying a ticket normally. For example, if an IMAX movie costs $6 more than a 2D ticket, that is what the surcharge would be with an Unlimited plan. In addition, Unlimited members also get 10% off all concessions, which we all know are the most expensive part of a trip to the theater.


So with all that said, Regal Unlimited is definitely worth it to me. I’ve only seen 2 movies so far in August, mostly due to my schedule, but I’ve already broken even and then some. Ticket prices near me are around $12 a ticket, so at $21 I’ve saved money after seeing just 2 movies. Most months, I’ll see a whole lot more than that and this plan allows me to do so without breaking the limited budget of a police officer. Not only does that allow me to see movies I wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise, but it also means more content with you guys in the form of reviews.

If you are someone who sees a lot of movies in theaters, or would like to, and can afford the 20ish dollars per month, this is definitely worth it in the long run. Not only will it save you money, but it is also a more sustainable model for Regal in the long run than it ever was for Moviepass. If you only see one movie a month or even less than that, and don’t plan on increasing that number, you aren’t going to get your money’s worth. But between seeing as many movies as you want, getting a discount on concessions, and free popcorn and a drink or your birthday, this service is a no brainer for me, as someone with only Regal theaters near me.

What are your thoughts? Does this sound worth it, or do you prefer something like AMC A-List? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to follow us on all our social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) to ensure you don’t miss any content from Police Entertainment Network.