Best Movie Scenes: The Joker Intro in The Dark Knight

With the highly anticipated Joker coming out this week, I decided to revisit a series we haven’t used in a while- Best Movie Scenes. And in doing so, I wanted to look back at the fantastic intro the infamous Batman villain got in 2008’s The Dark Knight. Who knew arguably the best superhero movie would open up with one of the best bank robbery scenes of all time? Well, that’s what we got here.

Best Movie Scene: T-Rex attack in Jurassic Park

Like most of Nolan’s work, almost everything in this scene is perfect. The camera work, the score, the idea of each of the henchman killing each other off, random William Fichtner- it’s all great. The best part is that you really don’t know The Joker is even participating in the heist until the end. You know he’s the one setting it up, but it isn’t until the reveal of the clown paint under the clown mask that you get your first look. Then, you immediately get a great idea of who this character is despite very little dialogue. It’s a perfect introduction and an iconic opening to an iconic movie. Here is the scene in full:


What are some of your favorite scenes of the Joker from The Dark Knight? Are you excited to see Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal? Let us know in the comments.

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