The Mandalorian S1E1 Review

Soon after Disney’s streaming service was first announced, we found out we were going to be getting several Star Wars TV series to go along with it. The first episode of one of those series hit our screens yesterday to coincide with the release of the service. The series, titled The Mandalorian, follows a gunslinger in the outer reaches of the galaxy who works as a bounty hunter for whoever will pay him. The first episode sees him take several jobs, the last of which comes to an unexpected conclusion.

This first episode was an excellent start to the series. There’s clearly a lot of lore and backstory they are trying to set up, which has me intrigued as to where it goes from here. I’m particularly interested to learn more about the main character, who remains unnamed at this time. You get some very brief glimpses of his past, and I think there will be plenty to explore there.

I also really dug the vibe of the show so far. It has a western feel, which is far different than the normal genres Star Wars typically plays in. However, there were several good action sequences that made the episode feel right at home in the Star Wars world. The score stood out to me as well, though it does have a peculiar hint of what sounds like the Rocky theme mixed in at times which I found odd. The composer scored both Creed movies, so that might have something to do with it.


Overall, I’m excited for the rest of the first season. There is a lot in this first 40-minute episode that I can’t wait to see get expanded on.

Episode 1 gets a Positive ROP.

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