The Mandalorian S1E2 Review

After a great first episode, The Mandalorian returned for a solid second episode. This one saw the titular character traversing dangerous lands with his “asset” from the first episode while fending off several different groups of scavengers.

The Mandalorian Episode 1 Review

This episode was very action-heavy, and I was enjoying every moment. The action is really well done so far in the season. Some infamous Star Wars characters and species show up, but it didn’t feel forced at all. Besides the western feel, which is doubled down on in this episode, my favorite thing about the series is the story. It is full of surprises and goes in directions I would have never in a million years guessed it would go. I’m so intrigued by how it proceeds from here. This is especially true when you consider at least 80% of the trailers we saw contain footage from these first 2 episodes. We have seen very little from the rest of the season, which means this could really go anywhere.

If I have one complaint with the show so far (besides the bizarre Rocky music that keeps popping up), it’s the length of the episodes. While I actually like the week-to-week release schedule, I’d prefer each episode to be a little longer. The first clocked in at just over 40 minutes, and this one was a measly 30 minutes long. This is a very minor complaint as I am completely locked in during every episode and would rather them tell the story they need to in the time it takes than episodes feel unnecessarily bloated.


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re missing out by not dropping that $6.99 for Disney+. This show alone is enough to justify the expense. There is a lot of lore they are expanding on that most fans will love exploring.

Episode 2 is another Positive ROP.

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