The Mandalorian S1E4 Review

After spending the vast majority of the first 3 episodes on the run, Episode 4 sees the Mandalorian and his adorable companion attempt to hide out on a remote planet in a fishing village. While doing so, he is recruited by villagers to protect them from hostile forces whose raids are taking a toll.

Despite this probably being the weakest episode of the 4 so far, it is by no means bad. I like the Seven Samurai-esqe storyline, as well as the introduction of Gina Carano’s character Kara Dune, a former rebel soldier. Watching the two of them plan, train, and fight the raiders made for an entertaining episode. The episode also gives us a lot more insight into The Mandalorian himself. The episode is also longer than the previous few, which is an added bonus.


Despite that, it feels out of place when compared to the others. It feels like the main storyline came to a screeching halt in order for this to play out and it comes across as a filler episode more than anything. In an 8 episode season that is now halfway done, it seems we should be furthering the overall plot. It’s entirely possible this episode will do that when put together with future ones, but for now, it feels like a different show than we had been watching. The final moments seem to refire the engines on the main plot, so I’m intrigued to see where it goes next.

Episode 4 gets a 10-4 rating.

Ratings from low to high: Felony, Misdemeanor, 10-4, Positive ROP, Golden Donut

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