Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

After a rough start, the DC film universe seems to have finally found its footing. People have anxiously been awaiting the sequel to one of its most successful films, 2017’s Wonder Woman. Yesterday, we got our first look at the new film with the action-packed first trailer. Check it out:


I didn’t love the trailer on the first viewing but found a lot more to enjoy watching it a second time. There’s a ton of really cool, unique looking action, but what really stood out to me most was the fantastic Wonder Woman score. They are clearly playing on the 1980s nostalgia that has become prevalent in popular media today. I’m hoping it doesn’t beat us over the head with it too much in the actual movie. I’m also still curious how Chris Pine comes back in the movie, given the events of the first movie, as well as the time jump.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters June 5, 2020

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