The Mandalorian S1E6 Review

As The Mandalorian moves towards the end of its first season, the sixth episode continues the episodic feel of the previous few. It sees the Mandalorian team up with several other bounty hunters to retrieve a prisoner being held on a New Republic prison ship.

While I’m still disappointed in the episodic, procedural turn the show has taken, at least this episode was far more entertaining than the last few. This one is action packed and we finally get to see The Mandalorian get back to showing off his ability to take on a whole bunch of enemies. There’s some good back and forth between him and the other bounty hunters, which feature some cool and familiar Star Wars aliens (and Bill Burr?). It’s also the longest episode thus far.

With only 2 episodes to go in the season, it seems like there are still a lot of things to close out. I’m still pulling for it, but I hope these standalone episodes don’t hurt the overall story and make it feel rushed at the end.

Episode 6 gets a Positive ROP.

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