Morbius Trailer

There’s a lot of confusion regarding Spider-man in the MCU and the Spiderverse that Sony is creating, and we got a trailer today that certainly didn’t help. Jared Leto stars as Morbius in the villain’s origin story, and the trailer gives us Batman vibes, several Spider-man references, and an appearance by Michael Keaton seemingly reprising his role as Vulture from Spider-man Homecoming. Check it out for yourself:


While very little of this trailer regarding the story interests me much, I am fascinated by what Sony is building in this universe. The idea of setting up several unique villain origin stories leading to what I’m assuming will be an eventual confrontation with the hero is unique compared to other superhero universes. I hope Disney and Sony figure out their behind the scenes deals so that this works out for everyone. Oh, and I hope this movie is actually good too because Venom didn’t get this universe off to a great start. Another lackluster entry or two could see this universe with the same fate as the Dark Universe if Sony isn’t careful.

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