Best of the Decade March Madness- Round 2

As usual with these brackets, there were quite a few surprising results in Round 1. It usually only gets harder to choose as the rounds go on, however this time I think Round 2 gets a little easier, at least for me. But before we get to this round’s voting, here are a few interesting notes about Round 1:

  • Dunkirk’s victory over Prisoners came down to a single vote, despite hundreds being counted.
  • 16 seeds John Wick and 21 Jump Street beat out their 1-seed opponents.
  • All for 14- seeds upset their 3- seed opponents.
  • Parasite and 1917 both won in Round 1, leading to a matchup between 2 movies that are widely considered the best of 2019.

With that said, it’s time to vote in Round 2. Remember you can follow and discuss the bracket over on r/Policeentertainment, on our social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram), or sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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This round has ended. Vote in the championship now!