Best of the Decade March Madness: Elite 8

It took a few rounds, but the bracket has now completely fallen apart. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions, but, man, do you guys have some wrong opinions. Several movies that I considered to be strong championship contenders got knocked out and now I have no clue where this is going to end up. Some more thoughts:

  • Parasite finally met its match with Endgame. I think the fact that it is a foreign language film that not enough people have seen finally caught up with it. Endgames popularity was too much to overcome. But seriously, if you haven’t seen Parasite you need to give it a chance.
  • Whiplash, Arrival, and Ex Machina were all contenders that got knocked out. Ex Machina had the toughest challenge going up against Mad Max: Fury Road, but I will never understand why Interstellar and Get Out are held in such high regard.
  • Did anyone actually see Skyfall making it to the Elite 8? Granted, it probably had the easiest path of any movie remaining, but I never would have thought it would have made it this far. I foresee it’s Cinderella story coming to an end soon, with a tough matchup ahead.

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