Space Force Review

Season 1  

Before we begin, let me first say that I do not like TV shows or network TV shows, as I always found them to be predictable. They all follow the same story lines regardless of the setting, theme or whatever. It’s a plug and play formula that is repackaged for your viewing pleasure. This hatred that I harbor for these shows has kept me from trying any of the TV shows from Netflix or any of the other streaming services. I will, however,  say that for the few times that I have ventured to watch a show from a  streaming service it has been worth it. This show was worth it. 

Space Force is based on the real life creation of the newest military branch, Space Force, and the seemingly ridiculousness of the idea of a space force. This show takes us on the inner workings of the organization and the work that takes place between the Department of Defense and the rest of the services. It’s a parody of the situation that Space Force is in as well as a look at the insane life of its commanding officer. Created by Steve Carrell and Greg Daniels and starring Lisa Kudrow, Steve Carrell, John Malkovich, Noah Emmerich and the late Fred Willard. 

Being a military veteran myself, a lot of this show is hilariously close on how the military system works, or how we lower enlisted personnel believed that it worked. Though there were some clearly offensive uniform inaccuracies as well as some story points for Steve Carrell’s character.  I had to tell myself that this is a parody and I just have to roll with it to enjoy the show. 

The overall story for the first season is that Space Force has to prove itself to the rest of the military.  A proving to the US government that it has a place on Earth as well as in space. It works on showing  the struggle and comical aspect of merging science and the military together to accomplish a mission of space supremacy. Between the battle to legitimize the Space Force and with the world and the Department of Defense, the Legislative branch, and merging the scientific community with the military.   Steve Carrell also has to juggle his strange  personal life along the way. 

Steve Carrell plays Mark A. Naird, a former career Air Force general who is promoted to four star General  and is tasked with taking command of the newly created Space Force, much to his surprise. He turns in a very well managed comedic performance as well as a few scenes where he shows off some of his Oscar nominated dramatic skills. I was impressed with this performance and was not left wanting anything more from it. He works really well with acting against and with the other heavy weights in the show like  John Malkovich, Noah Emmerich and Lisa Kudrow. Carrell brings that right amount of comedy to the show as well as showing the human aspect of his character. He is not just Micheal Scott in uniform. He really is a different character altogether. 

Kudrow, Malkovich and Emmerich all appear as the big hitters in the supporting cast. Emmerich plays the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Kick Grabaston. Kick is a no nonsense, alpha male fighter jock, who bullies Naird every chance that he can get. Noah Emmerich is one of the best character actors in generation and this was the first time that i have seen him in a comedic role. I will have to say that for the limited time that we see him in the show he does pretty well. John Malkovich and Lisa Kudrow both knock it out of the park for both of their roles. Lisa Kudrow plays Maggie Naird, though her scenes in the show are few, every time that she is on the screen, she is hilarious. Kudrow also pairs well with Carrell making it really believable that she and him have been married for a long time. 

Malkovich, on the other hand, plays John Malkovich. I know that sounds bad, but really it works for this show. John Malkovich is Dr. Adrian Mallory, who serves as the chief scientist for Space Force, Intellectual rival to Steve Carrell and oddly the voice of reason for most of the show.  I felt like for the most part he plays himself so there really is no real stretching of the acting chops, but I really think that it works. Carrell just has to play the opposite of Malkovich and there you have it.  

I really enjoyed this show. As of yet I believe that Netflix has not renewed the show for a second season, but I hope that they do. I would love to see where they take this show in the future as well as where this show could go into space. If you are looking for a break,  in all the crazy that is taking place in the world right now. Maybe, it would be a good time to look at the good idea to take yourself off planet and enjoy the laugh with Space Force.