Welcome to the Police Entertainment Network, formerly Jordan’s Movie Guide. My name is Jordan and I’m the creator and one of the writers here.

I started Jordan’s Movie Guide in 2015 as a way to communicate my opinions on movies. After several years, I decided to change things up a bit. As a police officer, I wanted to have a place where fellow officers could talk about things that weren’t work related. In that same place, I wanted to show people that aren’t cops a different side to us and we don’t just write tickets and arrest people all the time. We have a wide array of hobbies outside of work, movies being one of them. With all of this in mind, I gained some interest with some police friends of mine to join as writers and the Police Entertainment Network was born.

Initially, that’s all we did- write about movies. After nearly a year, we added the Cops Watch Movies YouTube channel. A few months later, we added an on-duty section and added a few more writers to help out with that. We also expanded the off duty section to include more articles and topics.

My goal is for this to be a one stop site for everyone, both cops and non-cops, to discuss everything from law enforcement topics, to movie news and reviews. In the future, we may expand even further. My hope is that you will all join in on the discussion. Leave comments on the posts and tell us how right we are, or how wrong.

If you are a police officer and are interested in joining this project as a writer, email us at policeentertainmentnetwork@gmail.com.

***The opinions and beliefs of one writer do not necessarily reflect those of all the writers***

Please enjoy all the content and always feel free to give us feedback. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook (Police Entertainment Network) and follow us on Twitter (@copswatchmovies)!