The first full length trailer for Rogue One is finally here.  My first thought when watching it was the first half feels a little choppy and unorganized.  With that said, this trailer is still amazing.  There’s a lot of cool stuff in here, yet the trailer doesn’t give a whole lot away which is always nice. 

With Pete’s Dragon coming out, I decided to look at the best non-animated Disney movies.  Because I haven’t seen a bunch of these since I was a kid, it’s hard to tell whether they actually belong in their spots or not.  But hey, it’s my list so that’s alright.  I’ve decided not to include any Marvel or Star Wars movies in this list even though they technically qualify as Disney live action.

star trek beyond

I thought replacing J.J. Abrams with Justin Lin would end in disaster.  Instead it only ended in… well a just ok movie.

Star Trek Beyond furthers the adventures of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and the USS Enterprise in this rebooted series of the iconic franchise.  This time they must take on an evil alien (Idris Elba) from using a powerful weapon to- you guessed it- wipe out a whole bunch of people (aliens? lifeforms?).

After a week off, Top 10 lists return with the best movies of one of my favorite actors, Sam Jackson. This isn’t totally random; it is because of his role in the Tarzan movie that came out last week, which is itself kind of random.  This was actually a tougher list than I expected it to be and actually has a surprise or two in it.


With the 4th of July coming up and after watching the pretty bad sequel (review)., I decided to rewatch and review the original alien invasion flick that we all love.

Independence Day, or the odd alternate title ID4, is a ’90s alien invasion movie starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum who must save the world using a… computer virus (There may be spoilers, the movie is 20 years old folks)? It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.