Fans of the original Independence Day have been waiting 20 years for a sequel. And for the wait we get… this. Let’s talk about it.

This long awaited sequel tells the story of the aliens returning to finish what they started in the first movie.  Despite Earth’s upgraded defenses, we don’t seem to stand a chance against them. But in the words of Bill Pullman: “We didn’t last time either”. So, Thor’s little brother teams with Jeff Goldblum to save the day.

finding dory

When I first heard about this movie I thought, “Does Finding Nemo really need a sequel?” After seeing this… I am still asking the same question.

Finding Dory is the follow up to Finding Nemo and tells the story of Dory trying to find her family.  With Marlin and Nemo in tow along with some new friends, adventures ensue, mostly taking place inside an aquarium.

Yes, this list was supposed to come out last week with the release of Central Intelligence, but I couldn’t find the time so here we are. The Rock is one of my favorite actors to watch working now.  The dude oozes charisma.  That being said it was hard to get this to 10 movies.  I succeeded, but not all of these are “good” by any means. This is a list I will have to revisit later on because the guy has a movie coming out every month until he dies I think.  Seriously, according to IMDB he has 17 projects in development right now. Seven. Teen… That’s insane. Anyway let’s get to it:

the conjuring 2

Remember how pretty much all horror sequels are terrible? This one doesn’t seem to care about that preconception.

The Conjuring 2 is another “true story” based on the case files of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga).  This one takes place in Enfield, England where a demonic presence haunts a family.  The Warrens come to assist.

This weekend marks one whole year since I created this website and started spewing my nonsense opinions about movies.  It started as an idea somebody planted in my head and took a life of its own after that. At first it was just something my friends and family could enjoy.  If they wanted to know what I thought of a movie, I could just point them here.  But it has grown more than I could have imagined.

With the imminent release of the sequel, I have decided to review one of my favorite horror movies of all time.


No one is allowed to play Hide and Clap around me. Ever.

The Conjuring is the “true” story of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), paranormal investigators who investigate strange occurrences surrounding a family in Rhode Island.

x men

Well the good news is I think this is probably my favorite of the X-Men movies.  That isn’t really saying much since I tend to not like them, but I actually really enjoyed this one.

X-Men Apocalypse is the newest installment in the franchise and pits the heroes against their toughest villain yet- the not-so-cleverly named Apocalypse. They must stop him and his henchmen from… well… bringing about the apocalypse.

nice guys

A buddy cop movie with old, fat Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling with a porn ‘stache seems like it would be a recipe for disaster. Well…

The Nice Guys is set in the ’70s and follows a private investigator (Gosling) and a guy (Crowe) who beats people up for money (think Ryan Reynolds at the beginning of Deadpool) as they try to solve the disappearance of a missing girl. 

Before getting to this week’s list, I just wanted to explain my relative lack of posts and general absence recently.  I graduated from college a couple weeks ago and have been celebrating the only way I know how- on a beach with a drink in my hand.  I went down to Miami to get my scuba diving certification, then drove down to Key West.  If you have never made the drive down Route 1 through the Florida Keys, add it to your bucket list because it’s amazing.  That even goes for my non-US followers. It’s worth it. After that, I went on a cruise to Turks and Caicos (one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been) and the Dominican Republic.  Needless to say, I had a blast even though I’m now very broke.  Oh well, can’t take it with me when I go so might as well spend it and live it up.  But I am back now and will hopefully go back to posting more regularly.  I know I’ve missed a bunch of movie related stuff, so if there is anything in particular you for some reason want me to hear my opinion on or talk about, let me know in the comments and I will gladly oblige. I am planning on seeing The Nice Guys and maybe X-Men sometime this week so I’ll get those reviews out as soon as I do.