This review is spoiler-free.

star wars TFA

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause please for J.J. Abrams.  Star Wars is back, my friends.

I know I’m a little late on this, but I wanted to see it twice to give you the best review possible.  I have to keep it short to avoid spoilers and trust me, you don’t want this movie spoiled for you.  The Force Awakens follows a new generation of characters who, with the help of some of the old characters we know and love, take on the evil First Order, led by Kylo Ren.  Trust me, that’s all you need to know about the plot.  See the movie to find out more.

Surprise! Bonus Top 10 list this week.  People who don’t like Star Wars are probably really tired of hearing about it but I am not apologizing.  I love it so I’m focusing my posts on it this week.  This week’s bonus is this list of my favorite lightsaber duels in the Star Wars movies (with videos).  They really are some of the coolest fights every put on film.  Everything is better with lightsabers. Want proof? Check out this clip (potential Game of Thrones spoiler). It won’t let me embed it so click on the link.  But it shows lightsabers do indeed make everything better.  Anyway let’s get to the actual list here. Fair warning- plenty of spoilers in here.

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time. 

Well it’s finally Star Wars week guys, so expect a bunch of Star Wars related content over the next few days.  I’m kicking it off with my Top 10 Sci-fi movies.  I’ve never really considered myself a big science fiction fan, but after making this list I’m reconsidering that self-evaluation.  This is one of the hardest lists I’ve put together so far.  That’s why there are so many honorable mentions.  That list is long but distinguished (high five to anyone who can complete the Top Gun quote in the comments).  Qualifiers for this week: Because I didn’t want to take up 7 of my spots with 3 Star Wars movies, 2 Alien movies, and 2 Terminator movies, I am including whole series in one spot.  It’s kind of cheating I know, but it’s my list.  Also, I’m leaving out superhero movies and more fantasy-related movies.  Those are lists for another time.  Let’s get to this one.

I said a couple weeks ago when I talked about the Batman v. Superman trailer that I may or may not do more trailer reviews.  Well, I’ve decided to do so.  I decided that last week when the X-Men Apocalypse trailer came out that I wanted to talk about it a bit.  But I couldn’t find the time and now we have a bunch more to talk about.  So, here are a few from the last week or so.  A bunch more have come out but these are really the only ones I cared to talk about.  I’ll include the trailers below as well.