With the 4th of July coming up and after watching the pretty bad sequel (review)., I decided to rewatch and review the original alien invasion flick that we all love.

Independence Day, or the odd alternate title ID4, is a ’90s alien invasion movie starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum who must save the world using a… computer virus (There may be spoilers, the movie is 20 years old folks)? It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.


Fans of the original Independence Day have been waiting 20 years for a sequel. And for the wait we get… this. Let’s talk about it.

This long awaited sequel tells the story of the aliens returning to finish what they started in the first movie.  Despite Earth’s upgraded defenses, we don’t seem to stand a chance against them. But in the words of Bill Pullman: “We didn’t last time either”. So, Thor’s little brother teams with Jeff Goldblum to save the day.

With the release of the pretty terrible looking 5th Wave starring Chloe Grace Moretz this weekend, this week’s top 10 will focus on the Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies of all time. I thought about including The Avengers but I’m not sure I’d consider that an alien invasion movie.  I mean aliens invade but that isn’t really the focus.  If that were the case several other superhero movies would fall under this category (like Man of Steel).  So I’ll just leave superhero movies out altogether.  Other than that, this one kind of speaks for itself, so let’s get started:

Top 10 lists will be a list of 10 movies that will be published once a week and will either have to do with a movie coming out that week or just what I want to do at the time. 

At the end of my Top 10 Sci-fi Movies list last week, I teased a possible Top 10 Will Smith or a Top 10 something involving Christmas.  After a week of what I’m sure was much anticipation for you all, I’m here to announce I’ve decided to go with… neither of those.  I found a much more fun list to go with this week- Top 10 ’90s Action Movies.  This is obviously because of the release of the dreadful looking, incredibly unnecessary remake of a nearly perfect ’90s action movie- Point Break.  Where does the original end up on the list? Find out below.

I said a couple weeks ago when I talked about the Batman v. Superman trailer that I may or may not do more trailer reviews.  Well, I’ve decided to do so.  I decided that last week when the X-Men Apocalypse trailer came out that I wanted to talk about it a bit.  But I couldn’t find the time and now we have a bunch more to talk about.  So, here are a few from the last week or so.  A bunch more have come out but these are really the only ones I cared to talk about.  I’ll include the trailers below as well.