With May around the corner, the summer movie season is about to officially begin.  I did a Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016 list at the beginning of the year but I wanted to look at the summer movies specifically. It’s my favorite time of year and there’s a lot to look forward to.  It looks like any weekend not spent laying on a beach will be spent seeing a movie.

According to IMDB, there is another small action film featuring Bruce Willis coming out this week because Bruce Willis will do literally any movie with guns and explosions these days.  That’s alright though because his incessant need to cash a paycheck gives me the opportunity to talk about my 10 favorite films of his. Yes, most of you already know what number 1 is:

According to IMDB’s upcoming movies list, Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal comes out this week.  My local theater’s release list seems to disagree with that, so it may be a limited thing.  Regardless, it gives me the opportunity to talk about an actor who has recently become one of my favorites.  He has picked some excellent roles over the past 5 years or so and I’m excited to see what he does from here on. I was close to doing a top 10 list but couldn’t quite find 10 that I enjoy enough to put on here.  So here’s a Top 5 with some honorable mentions:

I’m switching things up a bit this week and trying something new.  Instead of a Top 10 list that would have either included some bad movies or another Top 5 list, I’m looking at the best and worst movies of Ben Affleck’s career.  Will his most recent movie, Batman v. Superman, make the best or the worst.  Well, if you’ve ready my review, you can probably guess.

I couldn’t think of a suitable list related to movies coming out this weekend, but this week marks the beginning of the greatest sporting tournament on the planet- college basketball’s March Madness.  Because of that, I’m looking at the best basketball movies.  I haven’t seen a ton of basketball movies, which surprises me as it’s one of my favorite sports.  However, these are my favorites:

With London Has Fallen coming out this weekend, I’m looking at the best action movies this decade (as of February 2016).  I’ve already done similar lists for the ’80s and 90’s. I’ll post the links at the bottom for anyone interested.  There were a few qualifiers for this list.  I’m leaving off superhero movies and war movies.  I think they have their own genres separate from these movies.  Also, there are just some movies I just don’t consider action movies for whatever reason despite having plenty of action in them (think Inception or Star Wars: The Force Awakens).  With all that out the way here’s the list:

Bonus Top 10 List for you guys this week in honor of the Oscars.  Sometimes the Academy gets the Best Picture right, sometimes they don’t. I’m looking at years where the wrong movie won Best Picture, in my opinion.  The qualifier was that the movie that should have won needed to have at least been nominated.  So even though clearly Top Gun should have won in ’86, Die Hard should have won in ’88, and Jurassic Park should have won in ’93, due to extreme oversights by the Academy, they weren’t even nominated.  I know… I can’t believe it either.  Anyway let’s get to the list.

In honor of the unfortunately very paint by numbers, average looking (despite an amazing cast) Triple 9 coming out this week, I’m taking a look at the best heist movies of all time.  The reason this is coming so late in the week is I was trying to give myself time to watch a few I had never seen.  Unfortunately I was too busy so there will be a few notable movies missing.  With that said, let’s get to it: