With Criminal (which I have already seen and reviewed here) coming out this weekend, I’m looking at the Top 10 Kevin Costner Movies. Yes, baseball movies do make the list… plenty of times.

man of steel

With therelease of Batman v. Superman imminent, I’m looking at the first installment in this series, cinematic universe thing.  It also happens to be the only Superman movie I like at all. Some spoilers ahead, consider yourself warned.

Man of Steel is, in essence, an origin story for Superman.  It shows how he came to earth and how he learns to use his powers, mostly through flashbacks.  He then has to use his powers to stop the evil General Zod from turning Earth into Krypton. If you are still reading after my spoiler warning, it probably means you have seen the movie and know the plot already, so I won’t go into it anymore.

With Deadpool coming out this weekend, I’m looking at the best superhero movies ever made, a list I’m sure I’ll have to revisit at some point with the 12034595 movies from this genre coming out over the next few years.  I already did a MCU-only list a while back, but then again I had Age of Ultron at #4 on that list so clearly it isn’t my strongest.  Spoiler Alert: it isn’t on this one.  Find out what is below: