Well, another year is in the books. So before 2017 gets into full swing, lets look back at the best movies of 2016, in my opinion of course. Before we get started, make sure to check out this list’s opposite, the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016.  Keep in mind, as always with lists like this, my original review and rating is only part of what goes into where each movie places.  The movie’s overall quality, entertainment value, how it holds up after more thought, its impact on me, and its rewatchability are all factors. I also haven’t seen every movie that came out, unfortunately. But you can check out my reviews for each movie I did see on this list by clicking on the title. Before we got to the Top 10, here are some honorable mentions that just missed the list:


After The Force Awakens and this, they could make Star Wars movies every year for the rest of my life and I’ll be in the theater opening weekend for all of them.

For those that don’t know, Rogue One is the first standalone, non-trilogy Star Wars movie. This is very important to know going in. This is NOT Episode 8. So if you go in expecting to see the further adventures of Rey, Finn, and the Skywalkers, you’ll be disappointed.  However you will not be disappointed if you go in expecting a great depiction of how the plans to the Death Star were acquired prior to the original Star Wars movie.