As I said at the end of my Top 10 list, this is a separate post detailing honorable mentions.  When making the list I cut all the movies I had seen that were good down to about 21.  Then, I was able to make my top 8 or 9 fairly easily.  After that. I made another cut from the bottom to get down to a last 7 films.  From there, around 4 movies seriously competed for the 10th spot.  Those of you who have seen the Top 10 list know that It Follows took that spot.


Bond… James Bond is back in all of his shaken martini drinking, Aston Martin driving glory.

Spectre is the 24th movie in the James Bond franchise.  It follows 007 as he tries to track down a secret terrorist organization known as Spectre.  He is forced to do so (mostly) on his own as MI6 is under investigation and the double-o program is shut down.