This is the last “2015 in review” post I’ll do.  When creating my end of year lists, I realized that several grades I gave initially do not currently reflect my current opinion.  So, I have re-graded the following 4 movies based on how my thoughts have changed over time and further viewings.  I still stand by the original scores- nothing changes what I thought of a movie soon after seeing it.  I just happened to be mistaken (obviously not wrong though. Never wrong)  and these are just an update on how I feel now.  You can click on the titles to see my initial review.

As I said at the end of my Top 10 list, this is a separate post detailing honorable mentions.  When making the list I cut all the movies I had seen that were good down to about 21.  Then, I was able to make my top 8 or 9 fairly easily.  After that. I made another cut from the bottom to get down to a last 7 films.  From there, around 4 movies seriously competed for the 10th spot.  Those of you who have seen the Top 10 list know that It Follows took that spot.