Frank Castle is back… or was back. Netflix did just announce there would be no season 3 of […]

Man, even my Top 10 lists are catching superhero fatigue. Having already done Top 10 Superhero Movies, Top 10 Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Top 5 Batman and Superman Movies, I’m running out of topics for these lists.  So I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and looking at the Top 10 Superheroes in movies (and a little Netflix).  The main things I looked at when creating the list were the quality of movies they are featured in and how interesting/enjoyable I find the character. 


Between the facts that March Madness is in full swing, I indeed have a life outside of this, and I don’t get paid for it (on an unrelated note here’s the link to my Patreon page), I didn’t think there was any way I’d have watched this and reviewed it this soon.  That just goes to show how much I enjoyed this season.  Oh, and that several of the basketball games have been blowouts not worth watching.

The second season of Daredevil takes us back to Hell’s Kitchen to continue following the journey of Matt Murdock and his alter ego, Daredevil.  This time he is joined, in a manner of speaking, by Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, and a former lover by the name of Elektra.  In the spirit of keeping this spoiler free, I’ll avoid going into any more detail on the plot.