Maybe the horror genre isn’t completely hopeless after all.

Don’t Breathe is a horror thriller in which three teenagers break into a blind man’s home and attempt to steal a large sum of money from him. Unfortunately for them, the man has some secrets and is fully capable of preventing anyone from finding them out.



Netflix’s original movies that I’ve watched have been solid for the most part. This one is no different.

Spectral follows a scientist and a group of special forces soldiers through a war torn European country. They are trying to fight an enemy that they can’t seem to kill because… well they are basically ghosts. Like actual ghosts. It’s better than it sounds.


I’m behind on a lot of movies out right now. I’m very glad I picked this one to see first to start getting caught up.

Arrival stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner as a language specialist and scientist, respectively. They are tasked with learning how to communicate with mysterious aliens after they show up in several places across the world.


This is by far the best movie I’ve seen about an accountant.  Then again, it’s pretty much the only movie I’ve seen about an accountant.  And it’s also not so much about an accountant.  But still, the best one.

The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as a brilliant accountant who suffers from autism.  Some of his work involves some pretty bad people.  When one of these people double crosses him and tries to have him killed, he uses a special set of skills originally meant to help him cope with his autism to find those responsible and exact revenge.

With the imminent release of the sequel, I have decided to review one of my favorite horror movies of all time.


No one is allowed to play Hide and Clap around me. Ever.

The Conjuring is the “true” story of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), paranormal investigators who investigate strange occurrences surrounding a family in Rhode Island.


I actually got to see this movie last week at a free screening, but decided to hold off on the review until the week of its release to make it feel more relevant and hopefully avoid any trouble I could get into from reviewing it too early.

Criminal is about an imprisoned psychopath (Kevin Costner) who is the perfect candidate for an experiment due to a traumatic brain injury he suffered as a child.  This experiment involves the transfer of memories from a deceased CIA agent to his brain, giving him all sorts of abilities.  The CIA needs him to use the memories and abilities to help with a serious national security issue.

10 cloverfield ln

This is a perfect example of a movie being much better when it doesn’t give away everything in its trailer and marketing.

I’m not going to give away too much about the plot because it makes the movie more enjoyable to not know much.  However, the basic premise is that a young woman (John McClane’s daughter in Live Free or Die Hard) is saved kidnapped by a creepy doomsday prepper (John Goodman) after an accident.  He takes her back to his bunker where he and another man (an actor whose name I don’t feel like looking up) reveal that an apocalyptic event has occurred and she can’t go outside without dying.

triple 9

Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Norman Reedus.  With a cast like that in a heist movie, what could go wrong?

Triple 9 is about a team of bank robbers working for the Russian mob.  They are forced to pull one last heist.  In order to do so, they decide to kill a cop so a “triple 9” (officer down) call goes out and every available cop rushes to that location, leaving them free to do their work.  There’s plenty of bad guys and dirty cops to go around.