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Well the Oscars have come and gone and I’m still bitter Arrival wasn’t named best picture. But the good news is the summer movie season is fast approaching. In fact, apparently it starts in March now with Logan this week and King Kong next week. If only actual summer started in March…

hateful 8

I’m almost positive Quentin Tarantino is a little messed up in the head.  But boy is he brilliant.

The Hateful Eight is the latest film from the aforementioned director and is about a group of bounty hunters who get stuck in a cabin during a blizzard.  One of them is transporting a prisoner worth a lot of money.  Things start off fine, but when bad things start happening, it becomes clear not everyone is who they say they are.

DVD movie reviews are occasional posts that review recent DVD releases that I did not review while they were in theaters.

slow west

After having it recommended to me on several occasions, I figured a slow Sunday was a good time to check out Slow West.

Slow West is about a teenage boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who is traveling through the American old west looking for his lost love.  Along the way he meets an outlaw (Michael Fassbender) who serves as a protector for the boy.  They have to fend off all sorts of dangers of the old west, including everything from nature to Native Americans to bounty hunters.